Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Few Yearly Goals

I'm on a mission this year. A couple of my goals are:

* Lose 45 pounds...I know what your thinking, especially if you know me, "from where?"
Well I need to lose that.

* Read through the bible this year. Gonna read through the message bible.

* Cut down the amount of blogs I track. I was up to 65. My first cut was today. I cut it down to 49. It was hard...there are many that I am used to reading but I have found that I am reading so much that my consistent bible reading has gone to the side.

* Continue developing myself as a leader. I am constantly feeding myself so that the people I lead get the best out of me. Right now I am reading through about 5 books and have another 4 on the shelf. I don't read each one every day but I usually read a different one each day depending on how I feel.

* Complete two series on my blog. Plan Your Ministry and Life Plan. I want to be a resource to people and to minstries.

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