Friday, January 05, 2007

Departmental Planning

This week we are meeting with our leadership team to develop our next three months in detail. If you are a staff pastor or department head, I suggest two things you can do with your team.

1. Meet with them once a month to pour into their lives. Cast vision, feed them mentally and even feed them physically. Teach them principles of teamwork and leadership that they can use in their lives and departments. Also tell stories...stories develop trust which is the foundation of leadership. Tell testimonies, how they got in ministry, praise reports, etc... And oh yeah, above all have fun. Ministry is about the journey. It is taking a journey with a group of people and having fun.

2. Meet quarterly to plan in detail the next three months. This will bring cohesiveness to everyone's schedule. Plan out your meeting teaching schedules, Sunday School, small groups, and events. This will put everyone on your team on the same page. There was nothing like running a play when I was in high school only to find your quarterback or running back going the opposite way they should be going. Those plays are usually busts.

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