Friday, January 12, 2007

The Big Idea Book Review

I was totally excited today when I saw an email from Dave Ferguson. Dave is the lead pastor at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois. You can read his blog at

Dave is wanting me to preview his new book, "The BIG IDEA – Focus the Message and Multiply the Impact". I can tell you this. I had already been excited about this book for a couple of weeks because I just went to implementing one big idea in all my messages. So when I saw that Dave had been writing a book on how to implement this in order to laser focus your ministry effectiveness, I was so thrilled. And now the email...oh man am I more pumped about this book.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Nothing is more dangerous than a single compelling idea that is lived out and nothing is more harmless than lots of little ideas never applied. By creatively communicating one BIG IDEA every week, your church will transform people into genuine Christ followers who live out the mission of Jesus. Less is more! Community Christian Church embraced the BIG IDEA and everything changed. They decided to avoid the common mistake of bombarding people with so many “little ideas” that they suffered overload. They also recognized that leaders often don’t insist that the truth be lived out to accomplish Jesus’ mission. Why? Because people’s heads are swimming with too many little ideas, far more than they can ever apply.

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