Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Work Week Is Done

Here is a rundown of what the last 4 days were like for me:
  • Monday - (Christmas Decorator Hat) We decorated the church for Christmas and I created a ticket for a radio station promotion we having for our Christmas Concert with "Butterfly Kisses" Bob Carlisle. I also pulled down a ministry promotion table and set up the room we have our youth meeting in. There were some other minor things that don't need to be discussed.
  • Tuesday - (Graphic Designer Hat) I finished working on the "Get In The Game" CD covers and CD labels for our Sr. Pastor. That took most of the morning. In the afternoon I created and finished the CD covers and CD labels for our Unquenchable Series. We launched our first podcast with that series. More minor things this day as well.
  • Wednesday - (Pastor of Student Ministry Hat) Started the day putting together the Powerpoint, note handouts, and created a logo for the message for the youth meeting for my boy Juno. (As a little side note...he is going to have to get up to speed on doing these things...I rib him a lot about it in our next Elevate Podcast. During this time I am in a lot of thought about my message for the adult service I did last night. In the afternoon I typed out my entire message, created the graphics and Powerpoint for it, and lastly created note handout sheets. I then checked on how the youth pre-service was going and how our adult pre-service were going. Both services went excellent. Afterwards we recorded the talk show part of our podcast. All in all it was an 11 hour day for me.
  • Thursday - (Computer Tech Hat) Edited and mixed our podcast...this week I changed up a lot of the music and intro. Took me the whole morning. In the afternoon I think I had a memory lapse cause I don't remember much...either that our the excitement of scheduling our main speaker for our March Youth Conference has made me forget everything else. OK, OK...I know you want to know who it is...go check out his website and be surprised. For those that might not know who this is...He brings it. The absolute #1 service I was ever in...and I have been to lots...big time preachers, mid-level, name it...He rocked it. Tonight, the family and I lit our first fire (in our fireplace) for the season, cooked some stew (yummy) and watched Monday's episode of Heroes. It was a good night...and since I already put in 40 hours this week I get to spend the day tomorrow shopping with my hunny. Oh yeah I took the Heroes Quiz...guess what..."I have not yet taken the next evolutionary step" (now come on...I don't really believe in the whole evolution thing...just having fun with the quiz...)

I'm Out...

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