Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Flip Side of "Just"

"Just a Youth Pastor" again is term that I established that I don't like. I still have not and don't know if I ever will.

This is what I do know. Thriving youth ministries always seem to help a church thrive. You will see their influence from ministry structures to music. There are many "youth pastors" that have gone on to build thriving churches.

Is the whole "just the youth pastor" a perception brought on by uneducated church people? (By uneducated I don't mean stupid, just not taught.)

Is it a perception from a business world concept? Oh you're not the ceo your just a middle-manager, I want to speak to someone on the top.

I believe there are some things that a "youth pastor" could do:

1. Keep having fun with teens. Don't ever change that. Of course you don't have to act stupid and infantile but have fun. People that laugh together bond deeper. Some of my greatest times in ministry have not been on the platform speaking. They have been on the church van having pillow fights or in the bus having an all out wedgy-wrestling war at a McDonald's. But when I am in public I conduct myself as an adult even when the teens are around. It is knowing when to have fun and when to be an adult.

2. On Sunday's connect with adults in how you dress. Look & carry yourself as a professional and you will garner respect for our profession. You can look professional and look young and hip as well...(My daughter's and wife always are attempting this with me.)

3. Plan & strategize everything you do. Most people work at or for businesses that do this on a daily basis and understand and see when you do things that way. You will also gain a stronger team from doing this.

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