Saturday, October 28, 2006

Making Difference Makers

I wish I would have realized this communitity out there many years ago. Of course I was coaching so I was really busy...not much time for blogging. This has really helped me in my growth. I love to blogging just fits my personality perfectly.

I feel like I have many Pastor's mentoring me in my journey. Their thoughts on leadership, pastoring, teamwork, along with many other categories including some of their mistakes along the way have stretched my growth and thinking levels.

I feel that I think and look at things through another light now. I think I am starting to look at things more strategically and within the context of the bigger picture.

To this end I am striving to bring great content on what I am doing and learning to help others out there. I am also sprinkling in some personal notes on our ministry in the hopes that there may be some Youth Pastor's or even Pastor's out there that I may help. I feel I have always been about influencing and developing others to make an impact in their world. To that in I am about ... making difference makers...raising up a generation that will change the face of the church and bring a culturally relevant perspective on doing ministry.

As the people that are challenging me and are helping me to grow it is my hope that you grow as well..."As iron sharpens one person sharpens another" May we sharpen each other and become a generation of differece makers.

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