Monday, October 30, 2006

Just Flat Out Excited

Well I'm really excited about some recent things.

1. The Longhorns came through on Saturday. heard it right. Huge Longhorn fan am I. Down 21 to zip in the first quarter. Colt McCoy and the Texas "D" came through big time. Huge win in my book. Things go right we might be looking at a Ohio St. rematch come January...

2. Heroes is getting better and better each week. "Save The Cheerleader...Save the World"...Now I know what your thinking..."Jason you must not have much of a life if that excites you"...ok, ok...but I like the show...There have been some huge quotes in it...especially last week when Hiro came back from the future and talked to Peter on the

3. The first podcast for Elevate went online today...oh yeah...we hit the 21st century. Read the blog.

4. I have the best family in the world. A wonderful wife who I love alot and three of the best daughters a Dad could have. You gals are the best.

5. Elevate just keeps getting better and better. The best teens and the best team any Pastor could have.

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