Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Pure Joy of Ministry

Well it's Tuesday and I am sitting in my office starting out my day. On July 29th we are doing a backpack outreach giving out 500 backpacks to area children. We were so blessed yesterday when we went to Wal-mart to buy the supplies. The notebook paper we were going to buy had been .50 cents so that is the cost we were thinking we were paying. It even said that on the shelf. When we went to pay though I thought that we hadn't paid enough and that is when we found out they had just marked it all down to .15 cents. Praise God. My wife and I were so excited.

I am about to start working on the details of the week for tomorrow's youth meeting. I really feel the teens are starting to catch the vision. My team is also doing a fantastic job. This past weekend our day at the lake went great. The food was good and the time spent with the teens was great. They had a great time out there.

Now is the time for us to start focusing on our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH which will happen August 30th. I have a lot of thoughts for that night that I have to get out on paper this week. It is such a great feeling to be back in ministry. And it is great to see all the things God is doing through our team. I love working with people and helping them fulfill the dreams that God has placed in them.

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